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Services provided by the administration

The sports center includes:

- Large football field                                   - Five-a-side football field (grass)

- Volleyball court                                        - Basketball court

Handball court                                            - Athletics track

- Boxing ring                                              - Wrestling ring

- Table tennis and billiards hall                            - Modern fitness room (gymnasium)

- Swimming pool.

Students who want to use the playgrounds should go to the Youth Welfare Department to reserve the appropriate time for them at least a day before they can be used.

Female Students' Rest Place:

Female students can use this rest place to spend the periods between lectures. It is supervised by a female social worker from the administration. It openss until five p.m. and is located above the Faculty Restaurant.

The Swimming Pool:

         There is a swimming pool in the Faculty playgrounds. It opens its doors during the summer vacation for Faculty students, faculty staff members, employees and their families from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. for nominal prices for Faculty and University students.


         It includes the latest fitness equipment and is based on serving students, Faculty members, Faculty staff and their families, at nominal prices for students.

Art and Cultural Activities Hall:

It aims at training students on artistic and cultural activities and holding artistic and cultural exhibitions and exhibitions of scientific societies.

Faculty Restaurant:

It serves cooked meals for students at nominal prices. Meals are booked weekly from the Youth Care a week in advance. The restaurant operates from 1 to f4 p.m. every day, except Saturday.



The FA strives during the next decade to be one of the distiguished and regionally accredited academic institutions as regards education, scientific research and community development in the fields of agriculture and life sciences to face the present and future challenges of sustainable development.


Within the framework of CU mission, the FA is committed to provide graduates capable of competing nationally and regionally in the fields of agriculture and life sciences through offering distiguished programs, activities, and services for learning, scientific research, and community and environment development.