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Admission of International Students

International students wishing to study in Egypt are accepted in undergraduate studies based on the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. To apply, follow the following link:

For inquiries and more information, send to the following email:

Papers required to be submitted by international students to apply in the coordination of Egyptian public universities 2022

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has identified a number of papers and documents that are required to be submitted to the Central Administration for International Student Affairs at the Ministry’s headquarters, and they are as follows. They must be certified by the Ministry of Education in the country in which the students resides and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- A copy of a valid passport.

- 6 recent personal photos.

- The result of the aptitude test for faculties that require this type of tests, such as Faculties of Fine and Applied Arts, Faculties of Mass Communication, Faculties of Physical Education, and Faculties of Art Education.

- Receipt of payment for the application services on the site.

– A copy of the initial nomination sent through the official website, where the student basically uploads a copy of the academic certificate and passport according to the conditions described.






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Within the framework of CU mission, the FA is committed to provide graduates capable of competing nationally and regionally in the fields of agriculture and life sciences through offering distiguished programs, activities, and services for learning, scientific research, and community and environment development.