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Agricultural Consultation Center

Basic Information:

Center Name: Agricultural Consulting

Creation date: 06/24/1996

The nature of the Center’s Work: Providing consultations or services and implementing coordination, agricultural and environmental projects

Consultant / service

Phone: 35700843

Fax: 35717355



Providing the community with innovations in agriculture and expanding cooperation between the University and the community.

Mission :

Environmental service and development - providing scientific advice to solve community problems.


- The Faculty's effective contribution to the development and advance of agricultural projects for the governmental or private sectors

- making feasibility studies for various projects.

Future Plan:

- Increasing the publicity and promotion of the Center.

- Creating a website.

- Making technical bulletins specialized in agricultural matters of interest to society and the University.

- Expanding the implementation of training courses.

The most Important Achievements of the Agricultural Consulting Center:

The center has carried out many studies and implemented agricultural and coordination operations and many consultations to serve the community and held training courses since its establishment until now, including the following:

1- Conducting studies for the Regional Park of Giza Governorate.

2- Studying and implementing agricultural works for the Cairo University Social Center.

3- Coordinating and planting the gardens of the former University branch in Beni Suef.

4- Study of the establishment of the Botanical Garden in Sharm El-Sheikh.

5- Implementation and cultivation of the gardens of Desert Dar Al Mona Egypt (10 acres).

6- Evaluation of Al-Marwa Farms (2000 acres).

7- Landscaping and maintenance works: Cairo University - Faculty of Engineering - New University Library - Laser Institute - Faculty of Nursing - Faculty of Medicine - Faculty of Science - Faculty of Urban Planning - Supreme Council of the University - Open Education Building.

• Supervising the landscaping of the Hilton Marsa Alam Hotel - Red Sea

• Planning and arranging the garden surrounding the building of Engineer Samir Al-Samman (Darseen 3)

• Coordination of the site around the University Guest House - the entrance to Cairo University (front yard)

8- Developing the Faculty gardens. (Sector A, B, as well as the tree garden - the laboratories complex - the student care building {Eng. Hamed Al-Sheety}...etc).

9- Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority Building.

10- Coordination and maintenance of the gardens of the Cairo University Faculty Staff Club.

11- Conducting coordination and agricultural studies for a cement factory in Beni Suef - the Village of Faculty Staff Members.

12- Conducting training courses in the field of landscaping and the production of ornamental plants.





The FA strives during the next decade to be one of the distiguished and regionally accredited academic institutions as regards education, scientific research and community development in the fields of agriculture and life sciences to face the present and future challenges of sustainable development.


Within the framework of CU mission, the FA is committed to provide graduates capable of competing nationally and regionally in the fields of agriculture and life sciences through offering distiguished programs, activities, and services for learning, scientific research, and community and environment development.