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Desert Land Reclamation and Development Center

Basic Information:

Center Name: Desert Land Reclamation and Development Center

Creation Date: 7/12/1989

The Nature of the Work of the Center: service - conducting studies and analyzes of land and water

Current Director of the Center: Dr. Hassan Ahmed Khater

Tel: 3576414

Fax: 35680910


Providing expertise and technical advice and preparing economic feasibility studies for agricultural projects in all areas of land, water and environment.


1- Conducting field studies to determine the problems of agricultural production, conducting field and laboratory studies for diagnosis, preparing technical reports and making the necessary recommendations.

2- Identifying and evaluating the sources of pollution of the agricultural environment and drawing up the necessary protection programs.


- Improving and managing soil and water and protecting it from pollution.

- Preparing fertilizer recommendations programs in old and modern lands.

- Design and evaluation of irrigation and field drainage networks.

- Determining the suitability of water for different purposes.

- Contributing to conducting studies and research for various bodies, institutions and companies.

- Organizing and holding conferences, workshops and training courses in the areas of sampling methods and analyzes (soil - water - plants - fertilizers).

- Serving postgraduate students and faculty members.


The Center has carried out many studies and analyzes for companies, organizations and farmers, as follows:-

- Deschner Trading and Chemicals Company.

- Technogreen Company for Industrial Production.

- The Antidote Company.

- Taziry Tourist Village.

- Urban Communities Authority.

- Egypt for Agricultural Development.

- Dotra Chemicals Company.

- New Fayoum City Project.

- The Arab Company for Agricultural Projects (Al-Safa Company).

- Al-Ahram Mining Company.

- Hejaz Farms for Investment.

- Sakkara Company for Horticultural Crops.

- The Arab Construction Company.

- Atomic Energy Authority (Nuclear Research Center).

- The Arab Company for Agricultural Projects.

- Advanced Agrochemical Company.

- Technogreen Company.

- Sixth of October City Authority.

- Misr International University.

- Agri-Salhia Company.

- Faculty members and the assistant staff in the Department of Lands and the Faculty.

- Students of Open Education, "Desert Land Reclamation and Cultivation Technology Program".

- El-Shorouk City Authority.

- Modern Company for the Desert Land Reclamation.

- Nubaria Agricultural Development Company.

- Integrated Farming Project.

Future Plan:

- Promoting the Center in the various media and making brochures and bulletins about the Center's activities.

- Contacting farmers and individuals in their sites and encouraging them to do analyzes of land, water and plants to identify problems in soil, water and plants and how to treat them.

- Contacting major companies in the field of agriculture, fertilizers and drilling wells, and discussing cooperation between them and the Center.

- Conducting training courses in the field of land and water analysis and irrigation network design.

- Studying the possibilities of cooperation with some government agencies, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, the Ministry of Environment and the Drinking Water and Sanitation Company.

Rehabilitation and accreditation of the laboratory at the Center to obtain the ISO 17025 certificate.



The FA strives during the next decade to be one of the distiguished and regionally accredited academic institutions as regards education, scientific research and community development in the fields of agriculture and life sciences to face the present and future challenges of sustainable development.


Within the framework of CU mission, the FA is committed to provide graduates capable of competing nationally and regionally in the fields of agriculture and life sciences through offering distiguished programs, activities, and services for learning, scientific research, and community and environment development.