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       Establishing and activating an internal system for managing the quality of education at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University.

Unit Objectives

1- Suggesting the general policy for performance evaluation and quality assurance for all Faculty activities in order to achieve its mission and strategic objectives.

2. Spreading a culture of quality and awareness of the importance of applying mechanisms among the academic, administrative and student community.

3. Gaining the confidence of the community in the outputs of the education system in the Faculty, including graduates, research, and professional and community services.

4. Building trained and effective cadres in the field of performance evaluation and quality assurance.

5. Adoption of performance self-evaluation as an entry point for internal and external audit

6. Diagnosing obstacles to developing the performance of the Faculty, proposing solutions, and setting plans for improvement in various fields.

7. Ensuring that there are strong and effective relationships with the Quality Assurance Center at the university to ensure continuous follow-up of the work progress of the Unit.

8. Implementation of quality assurance systems in the Faculty. 



The FA strives during the next decade to be one of the distiguished and regionally accredited academic institutions as regards education, scientific research and community development in the fields of agriculture and life sciences to face the present and future challenges of sustainable development.


Within the framework of CU mission, the FA is committed to provide graduates capable of competing nationally and regionally in the fields of agriculture and life sciences through offering distiguished programs, activities, and services for learning, scientific research, and community and environment development.